The Hand We Are Dealt

I once heard Amy Morin, LCSW, being interviewed on a podcast. She posed the following question:  How do I live my life based on the hand I was dealt?

Something to think about!

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With social comparison, social media and advertising efforts, many people are led to believe they are supposed to have a certain life, or way of life.

How do I live my life based on the hand I was dealt?

This question led me to see that during life, we can be dealt many hands, just like in a game of cards.  The cards become shuffled and a new hand is dealt. The strategy may need to change as you have a different hand to play this go around. The objective to win or succeed does not necessarily change, but the strategy to get to that winning outcome may. I find many people doing the same things to reach success, but do not recognize that there are other ways to get there. Like at a road detour, you have to find another way to get to your destination.

Another concept that I grasped from this question is that there are times where the goals we once had no longer fit who or where we are today. What we have in our current season may not be what we will need to continue in the next season. It may have been necessary or even beneficial then, but not now or in the future. So as our strategies to obtain our goals may need to shift, we also may need to pivot to notice that we have grown. Maybe that goal is not where we are today. What would it be like if we focus less on the goal and more on the fact that we have evolved, been exposed to new things and adversity. Notice that maybe the goal may no longer fit who we are.

Whether you should adjust your view of obtaining that goal, or adjust the goal to who and where you are now, how can you live your life based on the hand you are dealt?


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