What I’ve learned in Life Coaching

A letter from a life leader from Learning Leaders Life Coaching.

“I realized not too long ago that when I was alone, I was at my best. When I was around him, I would second guess. Wow!!

I would shrink, not shine but make myself smaller when in his presence. Like who I was, could not be around him. Like if I had to have a phone conversation, I would leave the room. I needed to protect myself from his judgment, I allowed that! I sacrificed a lot in the relationship. I could ask myself why didn’t I just ‘do me,’ anyway? I began to do so…

I no longer hide. I was told that I was strong but not because of what I weathered, but because I know who I am. Always had known, I just had to be reminded of it. To be ME all of the time! That’s liberating!

To be myself and supported and loved and not trying to please others all the time. I’m glad I had my experience, unfortunately at the expense of a lost relationship, but it had to die for me to live and thrive.

Prune away the rotten pieces and be planted in new soil so you can grow. Grow where you are planted. Thank you Nikole!”

R.S. 2/2021

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