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Parents have the hardest job imaginable, raising children to be successful adults. The term successful is relevant to each family, but the goal is to give your child a good childhood and teach them what they need to be self sufficient as adults. This book consists of years of experience working very closely with children and their families. It is compiled with the many thoughts and concerns that children and parents have and combined into this guide for parents. Through a Child’s Eyes is about how children see the world compared to parents and bridging that gap.

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Innovative Healing Techniques 2nd Edition is a collection of interventions, clearly outlined and designed for clinicians to better engage with their client. This book is a creative resource for clinicians who work with children and can help clinicians gain practical tools for working with children’s behaviors such as hyperactivity, impulsivity, oppositional, and depression. Clinicians will also be introduced to a more hands on treatment planning approach that enables clients to become more fully engaged in their own goal-setting and healing.

“I have used PATH in over ten training’s and each time I am amazed at how my participants light up after using this technique. PATH is an innovative way to introduce treatment planning while continuing to focus on the client. We are very pleased!”  Tonya Pulliam, MSW, CEO of Pulliam Innovative Consulting Firm, LLC 

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